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xtracookieaward's Journal

Extra Cookie Awards
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WARNING: There is adult content in this community. If you are easily offended by violence, horror and/or sex, please do not enter. Thank you.

This community was formed to celebrate the Buffy/Dean pairing and the excellent writers who ship this pairing. The Mods hope you'll join in the fun by nominating your favorite authors who write B/D! Thanks for stopping by. The rules for nominations are below.

Nomination period ends February 1, 2008

Nominations must have the following information or they will be disregarded:

The Subject Line: Category Title

Actual Post Information:
Fic Name:
Author's name and E-mail:
Your Name & email:

Other Rules:

1. You must include a working link to the story nominated. No locked LJ entries. Authors will be notified they won by email. If you do not submit an author's email, your nomination will be disregarded.

2. You can NOT nominate yourself.

3. No nominations after the cutoff date.

4. Fiction must be rated correctly. Also, the fic must have the author, title, pairing, and any warnings for things such as slash, character death, rape, spoilers, etc in the warnings field. No fics will be accepted if they contain underage incest, racism, or if they are deemed unaccepted by the Mods of this site. Use judgment. The Mods have the right to deny any entry for any reason without warning, notice, or said reason.

5. You can nominate the same piece for more than one category.

6. You can only nominate 2 pieces PER category. If you nominate more than that... the consequences will be dire! Or, we'll disregard all nominations after your first two.

7. The Mods have the right to add or delete rules at their whim.

How Fic is Judged?

A panel of judges (read fanfic connoisseurs) will peruse nominations and make their evaluations. Award winners will be alerted via email and will get a banner letting them know how much they do rock.

Links to B/D sites:
Route 66: Destination Sunnydale
Shotguns & Stakes
Supernaturally Twisted
TtH SPN-Buffy Centered-Pairing Dean Winchester (Make sure to change the rating to FR21 if you want the smutty stuff.)
SN Crossovers

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Route 66: Destination Sunnydale